Cityspeak offers a range of features tailored for live events, short term, and long term installations. If you want a feature that you don't see listed on this site, don't hesitate to contact us. We're constantly expanding what Cityspeak can do, so we might already be working on that special feature you need.

Text to Screen

Invite your guests to send text messages from their mobile phones, tablets or laptops. Anyone can access Cityspeak via SMS. We also provide a personalized web submission page for people with smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Message Moderation

Use our moderation interface to filter incoming messages and block the little jokers in your audience. If you don’t need to monitor incoming messages, we can allow everything through with the flip of a switch.

Personalized Graphics

We tailor colors and typography to match the needs of your event. If you have a specific color palette, a chosen font, or a specific style you would like, we match it so that Cityspeak fits with the rest. Throw an 80’s party and we’ll have a neon color palette just for you; throw a political party, and we’ll find you a truthy typeface.

No Hassle Local Phone Number

In most countries, we can instantaneously provide you with a local phone number ready to receive messages from your audience. No need to mess with GSM modems and SIM cards in those cases. If you’re not on the list, we’ll provide you with the right equipment and support to make sure no message is left behind.

Branded Submission Page

Smartphone, tablet and laptop users might prefer to submit text messages on the web. You can use a submission page with our standard Cityspeak design, or we can help you brand it with your own design.

Messaging Stations

Not every audience will have nimble text-messaging thumbs. If you want to provide extra-easy access, we can help you setup messaging stations at your event so that everyone can share their thoughts.

Track Message History

We save all incoming messages. At the end of your event, we provide them to you in the format you desire. Every message is kept, even the ones the moderator decides not to show on screen.

Display Priority Messages

Give us the numbers of one or many mobile phones before your event, and we will make sure the messages they send stick out from the rest. Use this feature to ask live questions, instigate comments, or direct the conversation.