How can your audience participate?

  • Listen to Your Guests

    Do you need to run some live polls? Give people a safe space to comment without being put on the spot? Cityspeak gives a voice to all your guests.

  • Ask Live Questions

    Set up Cityspeak for questions and answers! You can post topics and questions to the Cityspeak display and see how your audience responds.

  • Captivate Attendees

    Our customizable public display provides an attractive discussion venue for your guests. Make their words visually captivating with beautiful animated typography.

  • Share Your Event

    We save all the messages your guests send, so you’ll have a nicely put together record of your event to share or keep for posterity.

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What are the features of Cityspeak?

  • Text to Screen

    Invite your guests to send text messages from their mobile phones, tablets or laptops at no extra cost.

  • Message Moderation

    Use our moderation interface to filter incoming messages and block the little jokers in your audience.

  • Personalized Graphics

    We can tailor colors and typography to match the needs of your event. Throw an 80’s party and we’ll have a neon color palette just for you.

  • Track Message History

    We save all incoming messages. At the end of your event, we provide them to you in the format you desire.

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How can you get Cityspeak for an event?

  • Full Service Package

    When you purchase our Full Service package, we take care of everything. We will travel to your event, work with you to integrate Cityspeak seamlessly, cooperate with your audio-visual team to install the system, and take everything down when it’s over.

  • One of a Kind

    Are you planning a truly unique event? Want something really original? If you have an idea for a custom project where groups of people interact with a large display using their phones, tablets, or laptops, we can help you make it happen. We have years of experience designing interactive systems. Contact us and tell us what you have in mind!